Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center acquires three major works of digital art on exhibition at the ne

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center has commissioned two new major digital paintings, and acquired a third, for their permanent collection. The artwork is on display in the entrance atrium in the newly constructed Williamson Translational Research Building at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

The primary focus of the atrium space is the 32 foot long "Chrysopoeia". This digital painting is a mix of generative and representational art imbedded in resin.

Translational research is all about translating discoveries made in research labs into better, safer care for patients, and then bringing lessons learned in the clinic back to the investigators. Translational research has become a major focus because of the promise that recent biomedical advances. By bringing investigators from multiple disciplines together in the same building, they hope it will stimulate collaborations and discovery.

"Chrysopoeia" means transmutation into gold.

“Chrysopoeia”.by digital artist, Gloria King Merritt, is a portrait of the transition from the chaos of dynamical instability to predictability and organization. It is modeled on the quest to bring forth the “gold” of innovation, inspiration, insight, and invention from the chaos of nonlinear dynamical systems.

The relationship between the sudden genius of inspiration and the perspiration of preparation leads to breakthroughs, unifying apparently disparate and unconnected phenomenon, leading to the success of the relationship between researchers and clinicians at the Williamson Translational Research Building.

This work of art advances discourse around the convergence of art and science, and promotes a fertile environment for successful translational advancement.

The concept of the installation is based on the path between the unknown source and the wonder of creation. It is expressed in the translation between dark to light, chaos to pattern, the particle to the wave, from the “big bang” to the green and gold of healthy life on earth.

The image is born in cold, dark space that then moves through annealing heat, displaying the green of new life, with incorruptible gold.

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